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Making Quality Dentistry Fit in the Budget


Dr. Shreya Doshi is so excited to offer her in-office dental membership plan for patients who need help with their teeth but don’t have health insurance! This affordable option saves you cash and ensures that your smile stays healthy, beautiful – just like it should be at all times (pun intended)! We’ll make sure no one goes without access because they can’t afford the costs associated w/ traditional plans.

Benefits of the In-Office Membership Plan

  • No deductibles or reimbursements -- you are eligible for the savings right away
  • No yearly maximums -- visit the dentist as much or as little as you need to
  • No monthly premiums -- simply pay the annual fee and get ready to save
  • No complicated forms to fill out -- just sign up, make the payment, and that’s it
  • You can join at any time of year
  • No need to worry about figuring out who is in-network or out-of-network
  • The whole family can become a member
  • Receive the quality dental care you know and trust from Dr. Shreya Doshi



Plan Details Price
Comprehensive Exam (1 Annually):INCLUDED
Cleanings (2 annually):INCLUDED
 Full-mouth X-rays:INCLUDED

 Panoramic X-rays:INCLUDED

 Bitewing X-rays:INCLUDED

Periapical X-rays:INCLUDED

 Emergency Exam (1 Annually):INCLUDED

 Periodic Exam (1 Annually):INCLUDED


 Additional cleaning(s):20% OFF
Deep cleaning(s):20% OFF
 Invisalign:$500 OFF
 Teeth Whitening: $50 OFF
  All other treatment needs*: 20% OFF

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